Vivo V15 Review


Vivo V15 Review

Lately, Vivo has been looking to make a mark by bringing innovative features from high-end smartphones to the mid-range segment. The company’s latest offering — the Vivo V15 — brings the innovative pop-up selfie camera to an even lower price bracket. On paper, the Vivo V15 appears to be a solid device with an attractive design, three rear cameras, a large battery, fast charging, and a high-resolution 32-megapixel front camera. The Vivo V15 certainly has an uphill task in the face of fierce competition not just from value-for-money champions such as Xiaomi and Asus, but also from Samsung, a behemoth whose new Galaxy M-series and A-series smartphones are making waves in the market right now.

Can the Vivo V15 step out of the shadow of its Pro sibling and emerge as a truly capable smartphone in its price bracket? Can it justify its asking price of Rs. 23,990 and wow potential buyers? Let’s find out in our in-depth review of the Vivo V15.

Vivo V15 design

The Vivo V15 is ever so slightly larger than the Vivo V15 Pro, but has an identical design. At 161.97×75.93×8.54mm, it isn’t the smallest device out there, and it tips the scales at 189.5g. It will require a bit of a stretch to reach touch controls at the top of the screen.

Curved edges give this phone a comfortable in-hand feel, but the rear panel can get scuffed easily. Within a few days of usage, we noticed that the rear panel had small scratch marks at the bottom and edges. The finish is also quite glossy and picks up fingerprint marks and smudges easily.

There are three colour options — Royal Blue, Frozen Black, and Glamour Red. We have the Glamour Red version for review and its gradient pattern shifts between a punchy shade of magenta and deep maroon, with sparkling silver dots at the bottom. The gradient finish extends all the way to the frame of this phone for a uniform look. The Frozen Black variant does not have this top-to-bottom colour shift effect.

Were it not for their different colour schemes, it would be nigh impossible to discern the V15 from the V15 Pro. This similarity is not necessarily a bad thing, because the Vivo V15 inherits the solid build quality of its Pro sibling. Starting with its looks, the Vivo V15 flaunts a gradient finish on the rear panel — Spectrum Ripple Design, in the company’s lingo. Though Vivo uses the same description for both models, but the gradient texture on the Vivo V15 lacks the wave-like micro-dot pattern that makes the Vivo V15 Pro stand out.

As for build quality, the Vivo V15’s rear panel is made out of polycarbonate and so is the curved strip frame running around the edges. The device feels solid, and we did not notice any flex when applying force to the rear panel.

Vivo V15 Rear Vivo V15The Vivo V15 flaunts a gradient texture and comes in three colour options


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