Top Ten Anything: Delivery & Takeaway Places That Save The Day!


Since Covid-19 cases are on the rise and social distancing is a must these days we’ve been feeling a little extra peckish sitting at home all day. While we do believe there’s nothing better and safer to eat than home cooked meals we have had an influx of cravings for everything from cake to burritos and pasta too! So, we thought it’s only fair to make a go to guide for comfort food joints that are offering delivery or take away in Karachi!

Whether you’re missing crunchy tacos from Tacocat or a juicy burger from No Lies Fries; Aunty Munaver’s three milk cake is a must have and let’s not forget some extra cheesy pizza from Famous O’s to name a few- scroll down and have a look at our go to guide for all things food related below:

Cote Rotie
Test Kitchen By Okra
Chop Chop Wok
Easy By Fatso’s
No Lies Fries
Aunty Munaver
Sugar Drizzle
Famous O’s


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