Motorola One Power Review


Motorola One Power Review

Motorola smartphones used to be known for their good build quality, near-stock Android UI, quick updates, and good prices. In the recent past, though, we have seen slower software updates, while the prices of its smartphones have been steadily rising. For example, the Moto G6 Plus was launched recently at Rs. 22,499 which is higher than what other G series smartphones have been priced at in the past. The Moto G6 (Review) and the Moto G6 Play (Review) have weaker processors than their current competition, which makes them feel like they don’t offer as much value for money as previous Moto G models.

Motorola, now under the management of Lenovo, has partnered with Google to launch the new One Power smartphone, which is a part of the Android One programme. It is priced at Rs. 15,999 which is good compared to other recently launched Motorola products. However, with popular smartphones such as the Nokia 6.1 Plus (Review), Asus ZenFone Max Pro M1 (Review), and the Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro (Review) in the market at the exact same price, the Motorola One Power has some serious competition. Can it stand up against them all? We put it to the test to find out.

Motorola One Power design

The One Power is the first smartphone from Motorola in India to sport a notch. It has a big 6.2-inch display and a Motorola logo below it. The phone is slightly bulky, measuring close to 9mm in thickness, and weighs 205g. It makes its presence felt in the hand, and you will feel fatigue when you hold it for a while. The device has a metal backplate but the sides are made out of plastic. In comparison, the Nokia 6.1 Plus uses glass in its construction which gives it a premium look. The One Power has a dual camera setup at the back, and the camera module houses both lenses along with a dual-tone LED flash.

This phone has a fingerprint scanner at the back, and the positioning is spot on. Either of your index fingers will rest on it naturally. Motorola has also put its batwing logo on the scanner. The power and volume buttons are positioned on the right, while the left has the SIM tray. We liked that the power button is easy to reach but the volume buttons are positioned a little higher forcing us to shuffle the phone in our hand.

Motorola One Power Notch Motorola One Power Review


The headphone jack and the secondary microphone are on the top. At the bottom, there are two grilles out of which only the right one houses a speaker. The positioning is such that you can accidentally muffle it when holding the phone n landscape. There is a USB Type-C port at the bottom, and this phone supports quick charging to top the big 5000mAh battery quickly. Motorola supplies a 15W Turbo Charger along with a transparent bumper case in the box, which are good additions at this price.


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